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Patient Resources


The following are links to VNS Therapy resources. If you have further questions, a Case Manager may be able to help you.

Educational Materials

An Introduction to VNS Therapy (English)(PDF-l.2MB)ViewDownload
An Introduction to VNS Therapy (Spanish)(PDF-7.7MB)ViewDownload
Understanding More About VNS Therapy(PDF-823K)ViewDownload
AspireSR® FAQ(PDF-681K)ViewDownload
The VNS Therapy Magnet(PDF-585K)ViewDownload

Product Manuals

Epilepsy Patient Manual for Vagus Nerve Stimulation with the VNS Therapy System (English)(PDF-2.4MB)ViewDownload

Talk to your doctor if you have any health-related questions or if you are having difficulty with your VNS Therapy.