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VNS Therapy is Safe for Children*

Now FDA-approved for people as young as 4 years of age, VNS Therapy is proven safe and effective for treating uncontrolled seizures in children.



VNS Therapy and Children

Proven, long-term treatment option for children with hard-to-treat seizures*

  • Used in more than 30,000 children worldwide, VNS Therapy is a proven, long-term treatment option for children with hard-to-treat seizures.

  • Children treated with VNS Therapy have been shown to have fewer seizures, shorter and less severe seizures, and improved recovery after seizures.


*Following 24 months of therapy. References available upon request.



Seizures can hold every child back
from reaching their full potential.

Uncontrolled seizures are harmful to your child's developing brain.


Development over time
  • Children with difficult-to-control seizures who are treated with medicine alone may experience a decline in development.

  • Children with VNS Therapy have seen improvements in alertness, concentration and energy.


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The most common side effect for VNS Therapy is hoarseness. Other common side effects are sore throat, shortness of breath and coughing. All of these side effects occur typically only during stimulation and tend to be less noticeable as time goes on. Children (ages 4-11) may have a greater risk of infection than those 12 years of age and older and may be more likely to experience lead damage due to higher activity levels and the potential to manipulate the lead. Talk to your doctor about the best ways to avoid these complications.

When drugs can’t provide the control you deserve, it’s time to consider options beyond more medication.

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